SQIP Distinguished Researcher Interview Series

Welcome to the Society For Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology Distinguished Researcher Interview Series! This series, a new initiative directed by student members of SQIP, features interviews with qualitative researchers about specific qualitative methods, their philosophies, and the realities of their application and implementation. Graduate students and early career professionals with interest and curiosity about these methods are invited to conduct an interview with a distinguished researcher who has pioneered or been actively involved in a particular qualitative approach. Then, the podcasts and videos are uploaded here for the learning and enjoyment of others!

Distinguished Researcher Interview #4: Heidi Levitt
Logan Barsigian interviews Heidi M. Levitt about Methodological Integrity and her Functionalist Theory of Gender.

Distinguished Researcher Interview #3: Ruthellen Josselson
James Christopher Head interviews Ruthellen Josselson about Narrative Inquiry.

Distinguished Researcher Interview #2: Amedeo Giorgi
Justin Karter interviews Amedeo Giorgi about the Descriptive Phenomenological Method.

Distinguished Researcher Interview #1: Michelle Fine
Zenobia Morrill interviews Michelle Fine about Critical Participatory Action Research (CPAR).